Mendyka’s horse-drawn carriages can be considered as a synonym for high quality as regards the construction of new horse-drawn carriages, renovation of old antique horse-drawn vehicles as well as reproduction of carriages.


The structure of our company is typical of a 20th-century manufactory, which means that the particular carriage elements are made by qualified workers. It needs to be emphasized that all carriage components, either built or restored, starting with the vehicle’s body, wheels, shafts through springs, axles, fittings and ending at final stages such as painting and upholstering are made at our company. Constant supervision over all stages of production or restoration guarantees top quality products.


New horse-drawn carriages are built to individual client’s orders; we offer a wide range of ceremonial, elegant, recreational and sport horse-drawn carriages. We put special focus on Coaches – our clients appreciate the high quality of Park Drag, Road Coach carriages and are keen on taking part in the meetings of traditional vehicles, among others, in the annual meeting of postal workers in Windsor.


Except for the basic offer of horse-drawn carriages of all types, which is constantly extended, we also deal with restoring carriages. In order to reflect fully the nature of such vehicles, we can offer to make patent or mail axles.


Special attention should be paid to restorations carried out by our company, we restore old, used carriages to its original splendour, what is more their drivers and passengers can be certain that their vehicle is safe and in good condition. We reproduce upholstery using top quality fabrics and leather. This guarantees that a carriage is in conformity with the original, which is very important in case of antique vehicles.


All enthusiasts of horse-drawn carriages are welcome to visit our manufactory.